Filipino Call Center
Call Center is a workplace that a company uses to do business using telephones to accept and dial customers and give them fulfillment to their concerns. This about giving answers to inquiries, troubleshoot problems, distribute information, give offers and many more. Some of the key skills to be in the call center industry is fair verbal and written skills, customer service orientation, critical thinker, and team work. This skills are important to become a good call center agent.

Today Call Centers have become the world major industry, but when did it really start? Here's a brief history: In the early 90's the outsourcing industry started to take off in US. It begun to grow together with the technology advancements. In mid 90's contact center have become more appealing than the manufacturing industry itself and in the late 90s the Call Center Outsourcing industry begun to hit the market. Here in the Philippines the Filipino Call Center Industry started in the late 1990's. The development of BPO industry begin in our major cities namely Cebu and Makati. In the year 2004 the Filipino Call Center bloomed even more when Dell, Sprint and Vonage, large call center companies migrated to the Philippines and closed their centers in India. This event had given Filipino Call Centers to grow rapidly. This was also the start of a wide job opportunities for our people to work on Filipino Call Center. We also experienced a growth to our economy due to this fast growing Filipino Call Center Industry. But that's just not it, Filipino Call Centers now are being preferred worldwide because of its high level of English proficiency, cost effectiveness, good business practices and high quality service.

Filipino Call Center Industry is still growing vastly. The progression of technology is leading this industry to develop even bigger because most of the operations being done here are IT related. This would open our more opportunity to our country to progress. The Filipino Call Center Industry is showing now competitive work aided with its hi-tech system. As the Philippine Government shows its support to expanding the Filipino Call Center Industry so as we Filipino Call Center Agents should exhibit our skills and improve them to gather more investors.